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Warrior Edge

Customer:  The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Battlefield Information Processing Branch. 

The goal of this effort was to combine existing and newly developed technologies to demonstrate an integrated hardware and software capability to increase the mission effectiveness and survivability for dismounted infantry by improving software and hardware involved with Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I). Specifically, the effort was to investigate the effectiveness of fusing Local Squad Asset information with global Unit of Employment Asset information and then publishing this fused picture throughout the Unit of Engagement. The Warrior Edge Squad would be fully equipped with end-user-stations, a local fusion station on a surrogate “mule” platform, and a combination of one or more organic UGVs or OAVs. The UofA Platoon Leader would be equipped with a Warrior Edge End-User-Station with additional capabilities that are specific to a Platoon Leader.

The Warrior Edge Operation Environment consisted of a suite of hardware and software components configured to demonstrate the Warrior Edge concept.  Within the demonstration certain components were real while others were represented by surrogate systems. A surrogate Unit-of-Employment (UofE) Distributed Common Ground Station-Army (DCGS-A) and a surrogate Unit-of-Action (UofA) Maneuver Commander were used within the Warrior Edge concept demonstration.