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About line

ArtisTech, Inc. is a Northern Virginia based small business with Defense and U.S. Government customers.  The company was founded in 1997 by its current President, Mr. John P. Hancock. 

We provide advanced solutions to our partners and customers.  We emphasize working in concert with others to deliver breakthrough technology to high-impact challenges.

We work on the best platforms, architectures, and technologies to deliver modern advanced systems and software.  We maintain expertise in Java and MS.NET.  We use the most efficient technology to deliver the required capability.

ArtisTech Staff line

ArtisTech’s staff bring extra insight to challenging problem domains.   Many of our staff have expertise in the diverse domains of Physics, AI, Simulation, Game Design, Biology and Engineering...  We leverage this experience to understand applicable state-of-the-art research, and transition the technology to scalable solutions to difficult problems.


The warfighter images on our site used with permission of the US Army.