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OntoFlex is a windows based tool for ontology construction, maintenance, and foreign language document search.  It supports translation needs in dialects or languages where no machine translation (MT) resources exist.  It is meant to be tailorable in the field by Analyst/Translator pairs.   It has been designed to perform foreign language document “triage” ( separate out from a large group of documents those which should be fully translated based on the tactical situation at the time).  It uses an ontology of English terms and phrases with high quality translations into foreign languages to search the repository of foreign language documents.


is-a, Peer-to, and other links


The structure of the ontology is constructed as a hyperlinked, a-cyclic, directed graph.

The graph includes “Is-a”, “Peer-to” and other links between terms and phrases.  The metadata in the ontology consists of links between terms and data associated with the links and terms/phrases.